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From Our Clients

We have had several testimonies from our clients that if they had not visited our center they wouldn’t have their babies now.


When Stacey (fictitious name) arrived for her appointment at the Center, she had received no other support leading her to decide to give birth to her unborn baby. Her boyfriend told her “it wasn’t really a baby yet”, and threatened to leave her unless she had an abortion.

466-800Knowing nothing about early pregnancy development, she had been sent by her doctor for an ultrasound elsewhere to assure that she did not have a dangerous tubal pregnancy. But neither the ultrasound nurse nor the physician showed much interest in giving her the details about the tiny life she was carrying.

Stacey started to think that her boyfriend might be right, and so why give up her relationship with him if it’s not a real baby yet; maybe abortion would be the best choice.

Stacey searched for support programs for new mothers but found little help. As she spoke to our counselors she appreciated that we spent so much time explaining her symptoms in her pregnancy and the stages of development of the baby in her womb. She also learned ways she could address her relationships with her boyfriend and family.

“It’s nice to find people who care and listen”.

She was willing to receive an ultrasound here at the Center, where she was anxious to see her baby for the first time.

When the image of her 10-week-old unborn child appeared on the sonogram screen, Stacey was genuinely surprised and exclaimed,

“That’s the most amazing thing I ever saw!”

Stacey decided abortion was no longer an option. With a clear picture of her growing child in hand, Stacey was guided to receive good health care and nutrition.

This center does not offer abortion services or refer for abortion.